We know you have a lot on your plate, so we make it simple to launch a new product with authentic, honest consumer reviews:

1) You provide us with a program goal, criteria for your reviewers, any key talking points you'd like us to pass on, where you want the reviews to go (Target, Macy’s, etc), and shipping dates when you expect the product to ship.

2) We handpick our reviewers from our pool of 10,000+ members based on your specifications, then send you a mailing list to drop-ship directly to the members.  

3) We do all the rigorous follow through to make sure each member posts a review on the appropriate channels.

4) Once the reviews are in, we will provide you with a data-driven brand report, as well as a wrap-up call to assess any concerns, loose ends, or questions.


How do you select participants?

That depends on what you're looking for! All Panel members have rated at least 25 products, as well as answered a detailed personal survey. We're able to leverage all of that data to micro-target and help you reach precisely the right consumer. Recently, we've helped our brand partners reach reviewers who are comfortable with wearable technology, reviewers from a specific average household income, and reviewers with a very active and healthy lifestyle.

What can we expect from the reviews? 

We guarantee that 75% of participants will post a review, and we ask participants to post in two different retail channels (of your choice). Often, those numbers are much higher, particularly on gear and other high-value goods.

The star rating varies depending on the product. We encourage our members to review honestly and carefully about each product, listing pros and cons. These reviews are far more likely to be rated as helpful and trusted (thus generating more sales). If you'd like to see some of the things our panelists are saying, take a look at Dr. Smith's, Evenflo, and GB Runner reviews.

If you want to ensure there are no surprises, we can conduct a private survey of participants to ensure you aren't caught off-guard by reviews that lament a complicated assembly or an overpowering scent.  

We are launching a new product in a little over a month! Is it too late to do some preliminary reviews with Stellar? 

Nope! If you can ship right away, we can usually deliver results within four to six weeks, although it depends completely on the scale and number of SKUs.

What does all of this cost? 

Program costs vary, based on number of products shipped, number of SKUs, survey insights, and more. If you'd like more information, contact us directly for a proposal.