We work with brands to launch products with outstanding consumer reviews on key retailer sites, ensuring high conversion rates right out of the gate.


Think of us as a matchmaker.


We find the perfect consumer for your product, and then we introduce them.

Our "organic influencers" are a pool of 10,000+ consumers who've each contributed dozens of detailed, helpful reviews. They've also shared with us more than 40 demographic and psychographic data points, giving us deep insight into their needs and preferences.

If you're launching a new product line for a specific target, we can connect you with consumers who've expressed they are in the market for a similar product. We'll work closely with you to find precisely the right panel of consumers, ranging from 25 participants up to 2,500, depending on your brand's unique goals.


Our aim is love at first sight.


Before any of our reviewers even set eyes on your product, they'll hear from us in our authentic, conversational voice about what makes your product so special, whether it's a completely new product line you would like to get feedback on previous to launch or if you are just launching an updated version of a current product.

We check in with panel participants at regular intervals over four weeks, prompting them to share their opinion on the retailer site (or sites) you've selected, or on your brand's own website. We can even solicit their feedback privately, if you want to avoid any surprises before official launch.

So in just over one month, your brand new product will be bolstered by thoughtful, thorough reviews from authentic, trustworthy reviewers. 


We're experts on consumer reviews.


Since 2013 we've collected hundreds of thousands of authentic, honest, organic product reviews from our highly-engaged base reviewers.  

With Stellar, we're harnessing the power of those influential reviewers to help brands launch new products, or give a boost to a product that hasn't yet found its market.



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