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We’re experts in user-generated content.

Whether you’re launching a product, seeking to improve ratings, or entering a new product category, our approach is designed to boost sales through a robust review base.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

To influence shoppers and block competition at the point of sale, our programs precisely matches the right consumer to test your product and educate future purchasers. All reviews are screened to comply with our best practices.

Consumer Generated Photos

Reviews that include authentic photos increase consumer trust by 30%. We coach our participants on how to take compelling photos to share along with their reviews that best illustrate usage and benefits.

Flexible Placement

Whether you need more reviews on your own brand site or preferred retailers, Stellar reviews and ratings are automatically delivered to these sites.

SEO Optimization

Reviews improve search engine optimization efforts. If there are dozens of consumer reviews to read through, the visitor will spend longer on the page, helping to boost its page ranking.


If you're launching a new product we can connect you with consumers who've expressed they are in the market for a similar product. We use 50+ demographic and psychographic data points to select the right panel of reviewers.

Excellence at Scale

Stellar delivers multiple complex launches for companies at scale. We know you have a lot on your plate, so we’ll lead the process and take care of all the operational details, from shipping thousands of units to the debrief of our in-depth reports to your marketing team.

Shipment Flexibility

You can dropship products to participants directly from your warehouse or we can handle it all for you from our warehouse.

Quick Turnaround

Our programs can accelerate your sales in a short launch time frame, ensuring that when products are placed on your site or retailer sites, there are thoughtful reviews ready to close the deal.

Highly Vetted Reviewers

Our participants are continuously assessed on their review quality and must maintain a high score in order to remain in the program. So you can rest assured that your product is getting into the hands of someone who will thoroughly and thoughtfully review it.

Detailed Reporting

We provide clients with a comprehensive brand report, including all key metrics and insights about your product gathered from retailer sites. Your dedicated account manager will walk you through the results during a wrap-up call.

Retailer Reporting

Given the increased focus of reviews by retailers, Stellar provides retailer level reports that can be shared with buyers to showcase you commitment to sell through.

Product Research Solutions

Our Product Research programs give brands an early window into their products’ reviews.

Forecasted Rating

Stellar conducts in-home use tests that give brands a pre-launch window into their star rating, accurate within 0.08 stars.

Qualitative Feedback

Capture in-depth private responses to hone positioning, measure your product against competitors, identify red flags, and more.

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