About Us

We’re all about trust.

We started Stellar by building a social network that allowed people to see their friends’ opinions about products. We launched with baby products because parents are fanatical about making sure they’re buying the very best products — and read tons of reviews to do so.  Not long after, we started partnering with brands across industries to match the most helpful reviewers from our proprietary social network with new products that were perfect for them.

Today, we help consumers make better purchase decisions by getting those early product reviews onto key retailer sites.

Our Values

Beating Heart
We’re an inclusive company that aims to make it easy for working parents to be part of an exciting, rewarding workplace, without the need to make compromises on their life that exists outside of work. For us this means flexible work hours, virtual team members, remote work, job sharing, and returnships that allow stay-at-home parents to keep their work day into school hours.

Our Team

Allyson Downey

CEO and founder | Boulder, CO

Allyson created Stellar in 2014. She also is CEO and co-founder of weeSpring, a start-up that helps new and expecting parents collect advice from their friends about what they need for their baby. Allyson is the author of Here’s the Plan: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School, an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts, and a BA from Colby College.

Rana Gheissari

Rana Gheissari

Product | Boulder, CO

Rana leads product and program operations for Stellar. Dedicated to accomplishing tasks with maximum efficiency, she loves new technology and figuring out fun ways to solve problems. With a background in luxury at Cartier, she’s worked in eCommerce for over ten years. She has an MBA from CU Boulder and a BA from UC Santa Barbara.

Deena Stuerman

Business Development | Lyons, CO

Deena has a passion for helping businesses succeed. With an extensive background in family entertainment, Deena has a knack for cultivating and growing relationships.  She is a business development professional with strong marketing expertise, skilled at problem-solving, creative thinking and providing solutions to ensure brands are ideally positioned to be well-received in the market. She holds a BA from CU Boulder and The UNSW Australia.

Max Siegman

Business Operations & Strategy Associate | Boulder, CO

Max works with business operations and strategy, spending his time tackling strategic challenges and finding ways to optimize day-to-day operations. Max has a BA in Psychology and Neuroscience from Colby College.

Leigh Gannan

Leigh Gannan

Operations | Boulder, CO

Leigh has been a freelance editor and proofreader for 11 years while staying home with her kids. Feeling the need to spend less time working from home and more time interacting with adults, she began working with Stellar to assist with operations and run community support. She’s the one you talk to for questions or issues with a program or product. She loves interacting with our amazing Stellar community. Leigh holds a BA in History from Union College.

Maya Dethlefs

Operations & Research |Denver, CO

Maya works with both our operations and research teams. She loves analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, helping uncover actionable brand insights. Maya has a BS in Marketing from Colorado University Boulder

Sarah Nau

Sarah Nau

Editorial | Seattle, WA

Sarah has led our social media and editorial content since 2013. She’s responsible for every clever Instagram meme, scouting weeLove products, and managing the content strategy for Stellar programs. Sarah spent over a decade working in the public health sector, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, helping to implement programming for underserved children and families. She holds an MSW from Loyola University of Chicago and a BA from Colby College.

Ashley Nanayakkara

Operations Manager | Napa, CA

Ashley is one of our Program Operations Managers and has a passion for organization and an eye for fine detail. She loves working with brands to ensure they are able to share their stories successfully through authentic customer reviews. Ashley holds her BS in Psychology from Santa Clara University and her Masters in Education Administration.

Katrial Graves

Program Operations Manager| Kansas City, MO

Katrial is one our Program Operations Managers and has extensive experience in customer service and luxury retail management, which drives her focus to provide the best possible experience for our clients and panelists. She is very detail oriented and likes to ensure that everything runs with the highest level of quality and precision. Katrial has four young children of her own, which gives her advanced knowledge of everything in the consumer retail industry. She has a BS in Human Biology from Logan University.

Michelle Mangen

Michelle Mangen


Michelle has been managing the bookkeeping and accounting for Stellar since 2015. When she’s not translating boring financial jargon into plain English or sending invoices to clients, you can find Michelle reading, traveling or playing with new FINTECH tools and apps.