COVID-19 Consumer Surveys

We’re measuring how COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior.

After conversations with our partners about what was weighing on them most, we started asking our panel about how they are coping with our changing times.

As a result, we’re generating real-time data and consumer insights to help brands make smart and informed decisions.

Below is a short summary of the reports we’ve generated to date.

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March 23: Core Benchmarks

In week one, we captured some core benchmarks, as well as set out to assess what had changed in millennials’ and Gen-Xers’ day-to-day life.

  • What’s their overall mindset?
  • What’s worrying them most?
  • How are they spending their time?
  • What do they want to hear from brands?

March 30: Spending Shifts

In week two we quantified some of the open-ended questions we fielded in week one to measure how people were coping and how their spending has shifted.

  • How have they been personally impacted by COVID-19?
  • How has their spending shifted?
  • How are they coping?
  • What tone do they want brands to take?

April 6: New Shopping Behaviors

In week three we focused on behaviors and how they have shifted, with an eye toward identifying the new patterns that will endure beyond stay-at-home orders.

  • How are they utilizing new and different modes of shopping?
  • What do they miss going to the store for?
  • What do they need if they can’t touch / see a product in person?
  • Which companies are doing a great job?

April 13: The Gender Gap

Because women control 85% of household spending, our panel is heavily weighted toward them — but we set out to test how different male perceptions and behaviors were.

  • What’s their overall mindset?
  • What’s worrying them most?
  • How are they spending their time?
  • What do they want to hear from brands?

April 20: After Lockdown

We looked ahead to what post-lockdown life may look like… the purgatory of time between stay-at-home orders being lifted and feeling truly safe from either a vaccine or a reliable treatment.

We looked at 15 different “normal” behaviors and asked how comfortable people will be doing those things once lockdowns are lifted. We asked about

  • Shopping in stores
  • Going to the office
  • Having friends over and going to others’ homes
  • Visiting Salons
  • Attending religious services
  • Going to restaurants or bars
  • Domestic and International Travel
  • Attending camps/extracurriculars
  • Going to the gym or group exercise
  • Playing team sports
  • Going to parties
  • Attending concerts / sporting events

April 27: Stimulus Checks and Isolation

First, we asked questions about how participants plan to use their stimulus payments:

  • Are they saving or spending?
  • If they spent, what did they buy?

Second, we looked at the serious and significant impact that isolation is having on mental health. As you dig in, you’ll see, in their own words, how overburdened women are feeling right now.

May 4: What Consumers Want to Feel Safe

We focused on the precautions consumers want to see retailers taking before they return to stores.  We looked at general precautions — requiring masks, putting hand sanitizer stations throughout the store — as well as more specific behaviors like sampling food and trying on clothing.

  • What level of social distancing are consumers doing right now?
  • Should stores limit customers or require masks?
  • How do consumers feel about buying online for store pickup?
  • What will make consumers comfortable to try on clothes in a store?

May 11: Celebrations and Gifting

We focused on how people are celebrating and gifting amidst COVID as well as their comfort levels with the lifting of regulations.

  • How do consumers feel about restrictions starting to lift?
  • How do people feel about celebrating special occasions?
  • What kinds of virtual celebrations have people attended or been invited to?
  • Has quarantine/COVID impacted how likely consumers are to give gifts for special occasions?


May 18: Distance Learning and Summer Prep

We focused on how families have handled distance learning and what they are doing to prepare for summer.

  • Are they glad distance learning is over or will they miss the structure?
  • Does the changes in stay at home order
  • How do you feel about buying online for store pickup?
  • What will make you comfortable to try on clothes in store?


May 25: How “Normal” is the new “Normal?”

We used a framework to quantify our panelists social distancing measures and cross referenced that information with the types of activities and shopping they planned to do in the weeks and months ahead.

  • How often are you wearing a mask?
  • What activities are you engaging in?
  • What one word would you use to describe how you feel about summer?


Oct 1: Your Questions

If you have questions you want asked next in our next survey please reach out to our team at