We work with large multinational companies, scrappy start-ups, and everyone in between. The common thread that unites our client base is an understanding that consumer reviews are crucial for a product to succeed.

We've helped brands to achieve goals including: successfully launching new products with a surge of reviews and buzz; pinpointing problems with a product already in market; and leveraging consumer passion to showcase to retailers that a product has tremendous potential. 

Here are the different ways our solutions can help companies succeed through consumer reviews:

Launch a new product successfully

Companies are able to run a private test with consumers before launching products officially. This allows them to understand consumer perception and refine their marketing messaging.

Improve your product ratings

Reviews have a direct correlation with how much your company sells with a specific retailer. Companies with low-rated products can run a program to understand why product is not doing well, and correct possible causes to improve their sales.

Improve your product roadmap

Companies are able to gather thoughtful and detailed feedback about their current products and use suggestions as feedback for launching new versions of their products.

Enter a new product category

Many companies that are entering a new market category use Stellar reviews to understand how their current and new potential customers will react. They are also able to forecast how they'll perform against competitors in a new field.