Why Reviews Matter

Whether it's a $300 product or a $3 product, every purchase decision a consumer makes can feel like high stakes. A consumers choice of product depends on many factors like the purpose of the product, if it’s a one time or recurring purchase, or who in your family will use the product. That's why your customers are particularly focused on reviews and do thorough research to find the very best product for their specific needs.


Products with 50+ reviews can increase conversion rates by 4.6%


Reviews make it easier for consumers to discover your product. 

Having a deep base of authentic, thorough consumer reviews will both improve your search rankings and your click-through rate. Here's how to harness reviews to increase your visibility online:

  • Ensure your product pages on retailer sites have fresh and unique content.

User-generated content can be a gold-mine for search engine crawlers, particularly around long-tail terms like "best for sensitive skin" or "lightweight and compact."

  • Maintain a high click-through rate.

Google reports that CTR is 17% higher when an e-commerce page has an average star rating appear in their search results, and given the focus customers place on reviews, pages with a deep base of reviews are more likely to be clicked on. Our brand partners report that retailers have told them that they need a minimum of 21 consumer reviews, though most aim for 100+.

Search engines use click-through rate (CTR) to gauge how relevant a page is to the term that was searched for, so if someone searches "best hair dryer" and clicks through to your brand's product page on a major retailer, it's likely to move up in the search results.

  • Increase time on site on your product pages on key retailer sites.

Average time spent on a page signals to search engines how relevant the page was to the searcher's query. If there are dozens of consumer reviews to read through, the visitor will spend longer on the page, thus increasing its relevance score for that term and helping boost its page ranking.

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