Stellar’s program drove an immediate 68% increase in BIBS sales at Target, ensuring a successful launch and sustaining a solid 34% increase in subsequent months.


About BIBS

  • BIBS is a premium Danish baby brand established in 1978.
  • Their iconic round pacifier was first created over 40 years ago, and today, they offer a full range of baby essentials.


The Goal

  • A leading Scandinavian brand of baby products turned to Stellar to drive sales at Target, one of their key channel partners for their US expansion. They knew their pacifiers’ stylish, modern design would stand out against competitors, but sought to build customers’ confidence in the brand through authentic reviews.


The Approach

  • Stellar seeded seven different styles of pacifiers for BIBS, microtargeting the recipients for each style to generate reviews that would educate other consumers about the benefits of each. 
  • With the pacifiers becoming available in Target for the first time, BIBS wanted to ensure high sell-through on the platform and garner passionate reviews from moms who preferred the minimalist style. 
  • Stellar identified babies who had pre-established preference for the nipple shape and parents who preferred rubber-latex as a material and understood the importance of replacing the pacifier at more regular intervals.


The Results

  • BIBS saw an immediate increase in Target sales for the pacifiers Stellar seeded, with a 68% increase in sales in the first month after seeding, and a sustained increase in sales of 34% in the months following.
  • Stellar also generated robust UGC for BIBS, with nearly 1,000 photos submitted (62% of participants submitted photos with their reviews). The reviews averaged 4.5 stars across all styles.


Our partnership with Stellar aligned with a pivotal moment in our expansion into the US market, and we have been thrilled with the results they delivered.  We saw a significant uptick in sales at a key channel partner, and we look forward to building on this success with Stellar for future product launches.”
– Henrik Larsen, CEO of BIBS


Program Highlights

The Pacifier for the Picky baby and mommy
The Bibs pacifier is a top-notch choice for parents seeking a stylish, safe, and well-designed pacifier for their little one. It’s a reliable product that combines aesthetics with practicality…”

Love these pacifiers
“…The latex texture and ergonomic natural shape were the perfect combination for my little one to feel comfortable and content. The color was cute and the size was accurate for my baby’s preference.”

Cute colors!
“…The pacifiers seem to be excellent quality and the rounded away from the face design is a game changer for keeping slobber from sticking to our daughters face.”