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Uwila turned to Stellar to source quality consumer photos of intimate apparel items alongside the written reviews.

About Uwila Warrior

  • Founded in 2016
  • Uwila believes all women deserve comfortable, functional underwear with sizing up to 3X


The Goals

  • Generate thorough reviews highlighting the comfort and quality of Uwila products
  • Help customers find the right style and fit for them through reviews that focus on fit for different body types
  • Build a foundation of body-positive photos illustrating how Uwila looks and fits on a range of body sizes and shapes


The Approach

  • Stellar honed in on panelists with a strong history of writing insightful reviews and posting high-value photos that spotlight fit and features
  • Our team screened panelists to gauge their comfort level with posting photos of themselves wearing intimate apparel (a bra or camisole)
  • We coached panelists on how to take a photo that would be useful to other consumers while spotlighting Uwila’s brand values, focusing on product detailing, the supportiveness of the bra/camisole


The Results

  • Uwila collected in-depth reviews averaging 100+ words and dozens of user photos, providing them with UGC showcasing real-life photos of items not often shared publicly

“I was excited to see so many photos of customers wearing the products, especially for something like a bra that is tricky to get people to take a photo of. The value of the extra steps you take and the quality of these reviews and the content is so valuable and appreciated—it surpassed our expectations.”
– Madeleine Mulroney, Marketing & Retail Coordinator