Stanley PMI

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Stanley reached out to Stellar to target photo-friendly panelists to generate high quality, user-generated content, alongside written reviews.

About Stanley

  • Founded in 1843
  • A Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware


The Goals

  • Generate reviews that include real-life, “action” photos of Stanley products.


The Approach

  • Stellar identified and selected panelists with a proven track record of both writing high quality reviews as well as sharing “Insta-worthy” photos of reviewed products.
  • After the water bottles were received by the panelists, customized photo prompts—that included suggestions for “action” shots—were included in their instructions for providing their review.


The Results

  • The campaign produced 70+ reviews that included high-quality pictures, increasing the product’s visibility and providing Stanley with a valuable collection of UGC.


“The overall quality of reviews was fantastic and very robust. We appreciated the customers sharing their honest thoughts and even listing the pros and cons of the product they received. We can highlight and share these insights with the product management team as well.”
– Amanda, eCommerce Manager


Program Highlights

Perfect for Summer Weather
“Not only did it do its job of keeping my drink ice cold in the heat, but it was also easy to clean. The wide mouth allows me to thoroughly clean it using a sponge or brush. It is also dishwasher safe which is great because I can add to the rest of my dishes. I’m very happy with this product and recommend it to others.”

Excellent Tumbler
“I love this tumbler. Even during the current heat wave my water has stayed super cold no matter my activity. Inside the house, my ice lasted almost 48 hours! This is dishwasher safe so it is super easy to wash. My favorite feature is that it is smaller in the bottom so it fits perfectly in my car cup holder. ”

The Perfect Tumbler to Keep you Hydrated
“My 15 month old loves drinking water out of this tumbler as well and it is leakproof. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry around and hang onto things. This is the only tumbler that I have that can fit nicely into my cup holder, which makes it my go to tumbler for travel.”