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Nanit utilized Stellar to gather quality feedback about their new and updated products, including an app-based, video baby monitor.

About Nanit

  • Founded in 2016
  • Offers a suite of award-winning products designed to inform, guide, and educate parents about their child’s sleep and wellbeing.


The Goals

  • Nanit sought to target new parents, who are also tech-savvy, in order to generate quality reviews for their app-based products.


The Approach

  • Stellar identified and selected panelists with infants and who self-identified as consumers who are familiar with products that require app-utilization.
  • Two weeks after the monitors were received by the panelists, Stellar sent them a short survey in order to quickly surface feedback about the installation and use of the app with the product.


The Results

  • By utilizing a survey before requesting reviews, Stellar was able to quickly identify panelists who were having difficulty with the app.
  • Nanit was able to troubleshoot and address panelists issues immediately, resulting in thoughtful and thorough reviews.

“Stellar was able to tackle challenges by sending a survey and speaking to customers who were having issues. By addressing it right away, it led to some great reviews.”
– Lexie Moorehead, Senior National Account Manager

Program Highlights

10 out of 10 would purchase
“WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Truly, I don’t know how I had a baby without this thing. My first born was a preemie, and we were terrified when we brought her home. This would have been a total life/sleep saver for us. The camera is super clear and works beautifully with the app.”

So many great features with high quality camera
“The app is very user friendly and reminds me of our video doorbell. It records all events during the night and labels them based on what happens. For example, “Caregiver attended to baby” or “baby fell asleep”. I love that my husband and any other caregiver can also be synced to the app!”

Peace of Mind and a great camera system
“I love being able to use my phone with this camera. The app and interface are incredibly user friendly. It’s nice because my husband who works nights can also check in on the baby. The sleep dashboard and nightly summaries are amazing to use and probably my favorite part of this system.”