Yotpo and Stellar for Aden + Anais

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Through our partnership with ratings and reviews platform Yotpo, Stellar supported HALO’s new product launch with seamlessly integrated reviews.

About Halo

  • Founded in 1994
  • Created by a father, HALO’s mission is to make safe sleep easier and more accessible.
  • Trusted by over 25M families worldwide, HALO proudly partners with hospitals, nonprofits, and government agencies to offer safe sleep essentials for all families.


The Goals

  • The HALO team needed a smooth, simple review generation
    campaign that would yield exceptional quality content for their
    biggest, most complex product launch—their new SleepSure
    Wearable Baby Monitor.


The Approach

  • Stellar’s API integration with Yotpo ensures the automation of the collection and display of seeded reviews and other UGC with no code or technical lifts required of our brand partners.
  • Stellar’s white glove approach surfaced that this program would benefit from additional support given the uniqueness and specificity of the product, adapting to provide extra care during panelist targeting and selection, as well as when drafting tailor-made product highlights and review prompts.


The Results

  • With 100% completion of reviews from Stellar panelists, the Yotpo integration ensured each review was effectively deployed on the HALO SleepSure product page.
  • The special attention paid to panelist selection in conjunction with the supplemental product descriptions and prompts guaranteed selected families knew just what to expect, as well as how to use the product safely and effectively. As a result, panelists provided thorough, positive, and constructive feedback.
  • Stellar’s insightful knowledge concerning the needs of this program helped a + a to better understand the benefits of such customization, leading them to opt in to working with Stellar on future programs.

“Stellar is an exceptional partner in sourcing high-quality customer reviews, which are especially critical for baby and parenting gear. I appreciate their approach as well as the amazing client service and category knowledge they bring to the table.”
– RACHEL, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

Program Highlights

Peace of Mind
“My baby recently started sleeping through the night and I feel so much relief being able to check on her without going into her room and waking her up during those longer stretches of sleep.”

Pretty Interesting
“After testing it out for a few days and then making it part of our routine I can’t tell you the comfort we had as parents of two with our four month old. The fact we could customize the alerts was a real bonus for us too.”

Overall good, but a lot of info
“It gives you a TON of alerts by default, so I would recommend tuning the alerts to how much you really want to know. After getting the settings correct, I do not think that getting some extra alerts from the basestation gave us any additional anxiety.”