Diaper Genie

With a product portfolio including leading personal brands like Diaper Genie and Litter Genie, Angelcare Group utilized Stellar’s consumer research division to better understand current trends and potential opportunities within the composting category. 

About the Client

  • Parent company of Diaper Genie, Angelcare Group brands offer products across several categories, helping address consumer needs for diapering, peace of mind, quality of children’s sleep and pet wellness.
  • Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.


The Goal

  • Angelcare sought to deeply understand current consumer behavior around composting, including general attitudes, interests, and concerns, to explore the potential for this emerging category.


The Approach

  • Stellar designed, fielded, and analyzed an in-depth survey with a hybrid quantitative and qualitative approach to a range of consumers including current kitchen composters (n = 400), previous kitchen composters (n = 50), as well as aspiring composters (n = 50).


The Results

  • Based on detailed feedback from current and aspirational composters, the survey surfaced characteristics of an ideal kitchen compost bin, including which features are must-haves versus nice-to-have.
  • Results also highlighted unmet consumer needs: what is missing and/or could be improved with currently available compost bins.
  • With this information, Angelcare was able to draft three unique initial compost bin concepts to test further.

“Stellar helped us to understand consumer habits and attitudes and provided new insights that guided our product development. They shared research findings in a well-structured, thorough presentation.”

– Ilona Bergquist,  Director, Product Management & NPD