Baby Brezza

Innovative baby product manufacturer Baby Brezza leveraged a Stellar Forecast program to proactively address product challenges, making adjustments that yielded reviews that trumpeted how the product simplifies parents’ daily lives.

About Baby Brezza

  • Baby Brezza specializes in making products that make feeding and nurturing your baby easier, saving consumers time.
  • Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.


The Goal

  • With the launch of the Bottle Washer Pro, Baby Brezza sought reviews that conveyed how time-saving and helpful the product was for new parents.
  • As some panelists began to experience product issues during the testing phase, we pivoted from a review seeding program to a Forecast program with the goal of gathering feedback that the brand could use to fine-tune the product.


The Approach

  • Although our program was initially designed to collect reviews, we pivoted mid-program to include sending in-depth Forecast surveys.
  • The brand was able to use the insights and feedback from our panelists to improve the product ahead of the launch.
  • Once the issues were addressed, we sent the updated product to a new group of panelists who wrote enthusiastic reviews.


The Results

  • When we sent the Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro to our first round of panelists, we projected a star rating of 4.0.
  • The adjustments the brand was able to make as a result of our Forecast significantly improved consumer experience; ultimately yielding a 4.5 star rating.
  • We facilitated follow-up interviews with some of the panelists from Round 2, so the brand could continue working to improve the product.

“Stellar is the best way to get feedback and reviews on a new or existing product. We engaged Stellar to solicit feedback and ultimately reviews on a next generation Baby Brezza product – the Bottle Washer Pro®. This feedback was invaluable in helping us finalize the product development and ensure it fully met consumer needs. Stellar is also incredibly flexible and pivoted multiple times as we learned more information from consumers. I highly recommend them for in-home use testing, review generation or just soliciting consumer feedback.”

– David Contract, Marketing Team Lead

Program Highlights

Game Changer
“The bottle washer pro is a game changer! The fact that you can use this one product to not just sterilize, but to also wash and dry makes it a must have item for any baby parent or caregiver.”

So convenient and easy to use
“The bottle washer runs great and can fit a full days worth of bottles and pumping parts. The bottles come out cleaner than I could have done myself. This is the easiest and quickest way I have found to sanitize everything as well…”

Amazing all in one saves us plenty of time
“We take cleanliness of items that come into contact with our baby very seriously and the Baby Brezza gave me piece of mind knowing we could easily and frequently clean all of our baby’s stuff…”