Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa relied on Stellar’s reputation for integrity and flexibility to execute a complex program and foster trust for a highly emotional product purchase.

About Kinsa:

  • Maker of a smart thermometer that tracks health data Venture-backed health technology company
  • Founded in 2012 Headquartered in San Francisco, CA

The Goal:

Establish trust for both Kinsa’s brand and their product, as a new entrant in a category with deeply established players

The Approach:

Stellar developed a customized program to accommodate the challenging logistics of thermometer review seeding: it only has utility when someone has a fever.

The Results:

  • Effusive, honest reviews with a 4.7 average from people who’d relied on Kinsa’s thermometer while sick or caring for a sick family member
  • Stellar delivered five retailer-specific reports that showcased Kinsa’s commitment to sell-through for use in their line reviews

“Once I started working with Stellar Reviews, I never looked back. I’ve launched every new Kinsa product with Stellar Reviews for the past several years and the entire experience has always been easy, valuable, and extremely positive.”

– Lauren Davis, VP Marketing, Kinsa

Program Highlights:

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Quick and accurate thermometer with useful app “…I also liked the feature of the app to enter any medications administered and has an alarm feature to remind you when the next dose is due…”

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

So easy to use! “…my favorite feature is the tracking log – I can see it coming in handy when reporting back to a doctor about symptoms and timelines…”

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

Another option for taking temps “…very easy to use and read, works quickly, information can be accessed on app which could be useful when monitoring a fever…”