Philips Norelco tapped Stellar to collect product feedback from a notoriously challenging audience — monosyllabic teenage boys

About Philips Norelco:

  • American brand name for electric shavers and other personal care appliances.
  • Part of Philips’ personal health division, headquartered in Amsterdam

The Goals:

  • Assess consumer interest from a new target market
  • Measure satisfaction after product usage
  • Rank perceived strengths of product to increase effectiveness of marketing tactics

The Approach:

  • Enlisted moms to facilitate the interactions and ensure follow-through for teenage boys who are typically unmotivated to share their opinion with brands
  • Selected boys who responded positively to the brand’s positioning and digital ad
  • Collected private feedback from both moms and boys in a written survey
  • Compiled mobile ethnographies capturing the boys using the razor while being interviewed by their mom about their opinions and experience

The Results:

  • Delivered in-depth ethnographic videos for marketing and product development teams to use to evaluate product usage and consumer understanding
  • Quantified satisfaction from both the end-user (teens) and the likely purchaser (moms)

“Stellar was a great partner to work with!  Knowing they would get such high completions with their panel allowed us to experiment earlier in the process saving time and money.”

– Tanya Laidlaw , Senior Consumer Insights Manager, Philips Norelco

Program Highlights:

“I like how it felt on my skin when I was shaving, it left my skin nice and soft. This is really a nice razor for teenagers my age to use. It was really easy and simple to use…”
-Age 15

“It was very easy to use and the shave was amazing. It made my skin feel baby soft. I’m on a time crunch most of the time and I can zip through shaving because of this thing. It also has such a close shave that I only have to shave every 2 or 3 days…”
-Age 16

“…My face was completely shaven and there were no spare hairs. It was very easy to shave and it was very smooth. The best aspect was the time saving element, it was much faster as opposed to using shaving cream and a razor.”
-Age 16