Stellar’s consumer insights helped Keeco Home identify effective merchandising strategies, improving their in-person and online retail opportunities.

About Keeco Home:

  • Founded in 1976
  • Keeco Home is a worldwide leader in fiber development and technology, with broad retailer distribution and brand partnerships, including Serta, Waverly, DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The Goals:
Enable Keeco to bring effective marketing strategies to their retail partners by unearthing insights about the customer journey as they shop for bed pillows.

The Approach:
Stellar utilized a multi-pronged approach, including both quantitative surveys and online and in-person shop-a-longs at brick and mortar locations to identify which channels consumers use most often when researching and purchasing bed pillows, what features are most important and what, if anything, influences their decision.

The Results:

  • Stellar quickly surfaced a disconnect between how consumers choose a pillow and how they define comfort. The real-time feedback of the shop-a-longs highlighted the importance of visuals and displays that tell with compelling imagery and jargon-free language.
  • This helped Keeco better identify the most resonant tactics needed to mitigate the risk of making an investment in a pillow and also make shopping for a pillow more consumer-friendly.
  • The research also enabled Keeco to create a merchandising strategy that resulted in greater customer pull for their brick and mortar partners.

“Stellar’s valuable pillow research helped us not only with a specific customer, but the overarching learnings are being used to adjust all our messaging, which is leading to more opportunities.”
David Roshberg, SVP Merchandising – Utility Bedding, Keeco Home

Program Highlights:

“I wish [the pillow section] had a warmer feel….more softness. Bin after bin is not soft! If I’m coming into a store, I want to be seduced by the surroundings….I want the ambiance of a bedroom.”

“It says soft, cool, stretchy but it doesn’t tell me why or how it’s cooling….it feels cool to the touch, but how does it that do that?”

“They say it’s gusseted for side sleepers. What does that even mean? And why does that benefit me if I’m a side sleeper? I wish they’d give me more detail.”

“I want simple visuals and as much information as possible without it being overwhelming.”