Baby Brezza

Baby Brezza turned to Stellar to ensure a successful launch for their first smartphone-enabled product.

About Baby Brezza

  • Baby Brezza specializes in making products that make feeding and nurturing your baby easier, saving
    consumers time.
  • Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.


The Goals

  • Assess consumer reaction to Baby Brezza’s new WiFi-enabled Formula Pro, from tech savvy consumers who used formula compatible with the Formula Pro.


The Approach

  • Surgically selected tech-savvy moms who primarily fed their baby formula, were comfortable signing an NDA, and beta-testing an app not yet live on the app store.
  • Designed and fielded three surveys, gaining consumer feedback on several application issues as well as
    consumer sentiment towards refinements.
  • Analyzed and conveyed application refinements and consumer challenges to Baby Brezza’s customer service team, brand manager, and product testers.


The Results

  • Helped refine Baby Brezza’s app through extensive beta testing, ensuring glitches were resolved for product launch.


User Feedback

“…I have the original Baby Brezza and let me tell you that the app takes it to a whole different level! I love the fact that I can use the app to start a bottle from anywhere in the house!…”

“…Once all of the bugs got worked out of the app I think it works great. It is nice to have a bottle ready and not even have to go to the kitchen to start it!…”

“…The app is also super convenient, especially first thing in the morning. I’m able to make a bottle from bed (If I’ve remembered to put an empty bottle in place the night before), so I can enjoy a few extra minutes of baby snuggles before I have to get up…”