Graco turned to Stellar to assess product performance of their new entrant to the baby carrier market against the leading incumbents.

About Graco

  • Premium brand within Newell brands.
  • Introduced the first wind-up, automatic swing in 1955.
  • Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Goals

  • Measure consumer happiness with Graco’s new structured carriers.
  • Evaluate Graco’s carrier against its top competitors to help R&D team identify comparative strengths and weaknesses and enable them to further innovate

The Approach

  • Recruit a pool of a hundred participants who reflect the diversity of the structured carrier market and split-test the product testing across three different baby carriers: Graco’s and two market leaders.
  • Design an in-depth survey to quantify consumer sentiment toward a range of features and functionality to objectively measure performance for each of the three carriers.
  • Collect and compile qualitative feedback to help refine and improve future product development.

The Results

  • Established that Graco’s Cradle Me carrier stands toe-to-toe with its leading competitors, aligning closely with the marquis incumbent on easy of use and comfort for baby.

“Partnering with Stellar helped us garner key consumer insights and hands-on feedback, which we could use to further refine the Cradle Me carrier.”

– Carolyn Paine, Senior Brand Manager, Graco