Emplifi and Stellar for Stanley

Stanley increases their volume of reviews by 100% with Emplifi

“Emplifi is by far the best in terms of integration with other tech providers. The dashboard itself provides a really robust analytics system that’s really easy to use – and the Emplifi team is amazing with support if we have any issues.” Lynna Kim, Ecommerce Manager at Stanley

Founded in 1913, food and beverage container brand Stanley offers consumers everything from day-to-day tumblers to cookware for camping and hiking. With such a wide assortment of products and an active, engaged online community, the Stanley team was looking to migrate from PowerReviews to a more robust and streamlined customer feedback software. To enhance its ratings and reviews strategy and boost review coverage from diverse sources, Stanley switched to Emplifi.

Improving review strategy with better features and support
Stanley’s eCommerce team was able to smoothly transition to Emplifi from PowerReviews, adding in new, easy-to-manage sources of customer feedback like on-site Community Q&A sections.

“The transition from our previous vendor was seamless, and the Emplifi team has been awesome. I can’t stress that enough. There were a lot of missing components in PowerReviews like the Q&A section.”

The brand’s team uses Q&A both to help customers better understand product offerings and to improve information on product pages for an improved shopping experience. Stanley customers are highly engaged in Community Q&A; 98% of customer questions have at least one answer, and 75% of those answers come from customers rather than the Stanley team – saving the team time.

“Emplifi’s Q&A is great and helpful for us, especially when it comes to improving customer interaction with our products.”

Compared to PowerReviews, Emplifi offers the Stanley team a stronger support system as well as more detailed data and insights into the success of the brand’s Ratings & Reviews strategy. With this insight, Stanley’s team was able to increase review volume by 100% year-over-year, and design its highest-converting emails featuring review content from satisfied customers.

“Using Emplifi reviews in our emails has been great — customers love reading what other customers have to say about our product.”

Integration with Stellar for faster review coverage
Stanley uses Stellar’s review seeding program to recruit consumers to test out and provide reviews on products before they go to the market. The eCommerce team is then able to directly publish those reviews on-site via Emplifi, providing social proof for brand-new products.

“Emplifi provides everything that our team needs to collect more customer proof, especially with sampling campaigns. The fact that the team works with Stellar makes it super easy — we don’t have to look for any additional resources, which is awesome.”

With Emplifi and Stellar’s seamless integration, Stanley’s team is able to run these sampling campaigns and launch reviews live on-site in under four weeks.

Unlocking additional value from customer feedback
Offering a variety of products catering to outdoor activities, the Stanley eCommerce team builds custom review subdimensions through the Emplifi platform to better understand how customers are using those products. Shoppers can then filter reviews based on different factors like durability and primary use.

In addition to traditional reviews, product sampling, and Community Q&A, Emplifi powers Stanley’s review syndication efforts across multiple retailers as well as an on-site pinboard of Checkout Comments.

“I highly recommend Emplifi. It’s probably the best platform I’ve used for customer proof.”

The Emplifi team continues to support Stanley’s team in harnessing a high volume of diverse customer feedback as the brand experiments with new ways to showcase that positive sentiment across its marketing channels.