De’Longhi turned to Stellar for their high-profile launch of a new countertop convection oven.

About De’Longhi

  • De’Longhi is a small appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Treviso, Italy.
  • Historically recognized as a major producer of portable heaters and air conditioners, the company has expanded to include small domestic appliances in food and preparation, cooking, household cleaning, and ironing

The Goals

  • Ensure De’Longhi’s new countertop convection oven had a robust base of detailed product reviews to drive sell-through at key retail accounts.

The Approach

  • Conducted extensive screening, creating alignment between selected reviewers and De’Longhi’s target consumer: frequent home cooks with spacious kitchens and plentiful counter space.
  • Positioned not only the oven features but its benefits: less pre-heat time, faster cooking, and high convenience.
  • Sparked product reviewers’ creativity with custom photo prompts to inspire them to upload photos with their reviews.

The Results

  • Generated passionate reviews (average word count of 230), with 40% including photos along with their reviews.
  • Garnered a 4.7 star average, due in part to highly targeted selection of foodies who have plenty of room in their kitchen for an added appliance.

“Stellar is extremely knowledgeable in their craft and work diligently to provide us with insightful recommendations to get the most out of each individual review program. Leaning on their expertise, we’re able to custom-tailor our campaigns by hyper-targeting their vast participant pool to our exact specifications. Most importantly, their excellent work shines through in the reviews and we couldn’t be happier with the results. “

– Andrew Smolinski, Channel Marketing Manager, De’Longhi

Program Highlights

My new favorite countertop appliance
“This oven arrived just in time: our trusty toaster oven was on its last legs. While decidedly larger than what we had in its place (it’s kinda like the size of a microwave), it looks great on our counter and I don’t mind its bigger footprint. So far, we’ve been able to use it to easily and quickly cook several weeknight dinners, reheat pizza, and cater to my daughter’s daily toast-for-breakfast demands…”

Timesaver in the Kitchen!
“I am a first time mom to an active and always hungry 14 month old. She eats three meals and two snacks daily so I am always searching for the most efficient way to prepare healthy meals and snacks for our family. I put this oven to the test against my new-ish (2016) name brand wall convection oven for a heat setting of 400 and this oven preheats three times faster than my wall oven! The ability to save time and prepare a hungry and fussy toddler’s food three times faster makes this one of our most used kitchen