First-time client Kazi engaged Stellar to provide reviews on a series of products that highlight a social good component.

About Kazi

  • Founded in 2013
  • Creates beautiful fair wage, sustainable baskets, coasters, and more that alleviate poverty across rural Africa.


The Goals

  • To pair panelists with decorative Kazi products that fit with their home decor and style tastes.
  • To share thoughtful reviews on 13 different Kazi products that don’t typically generate online feedback, like coasters, baskets, and wall decor.


The Approach

  • Because of the unique style of the products, Stellar conducted short surveys via email to gauge interest, utilizing product photos to help panelists identify if items would work with their design aesthetic.
  • Additional context about Kazi was also highlighted, to help give panelists insight into their mission and social impact.
  • Selected panelists received coasters, baskets, or wall decor, and were given two weeks to use and enjoy their new Kazi products.


The Results

  • 97% of panelists shared their written review promptly, with most sharing a high quality photo of the item in their home alongside their review—helping future Kazi customers better visualize how these products look in “real life.”
  • The 13 products earned an average of 4.8 stars.
  • Allowing panelists to also learn about and connect with Kazi’s mission surfaced brand loyalty that extended beyond this program.

“It was wonderful to be paired with panelists who were aligned with our typical consumer so that we could receive the most constructive, applicable feedback and the most genuine reviews.  Several of the panelists visited our site and became regular customers after! ”

– Amanda Chadderdon, eCommerce Marketing Manager

Program Highlights

So pretty and sturdy!
“Love this bowl! It is the perfect balance between simple and stylish. I’ve lived in east Africa and this reminds me of the bowls I saw made and used there. I’m tempted to hang it on my wall because I think it is gorgeous and would add some lovely texture to my room, but I ended up displaying in the middle of our kitchen island with seasonal fruit for now. It has nice low sides for easy access for my young children reaching up to grab a snack (and bonus for no longer worrying about them knocking over a ceramic dish when doing this!!) and can accommodate the “just right” amount of fruit we consume each week. Love supporting fair wages as much as I love enjoying the artisans work in my home! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for letting me try this out. I’m hooked and want to get more for friends and family!”

“This hand woven gourd is stunning. It comes with a glass bud vase inside, which makes it perfect for displaying flowers, but it also looks amazing on its own. The quality is excellent and you can see the hard work that was put into creating it. Not only is this a beautiful piece of artwork, but it supports a wonderful cause. Everyone who walks in our home comments on how beautiful the vessel is, and once they hear about Kazi’s commitment to sustainability, local artisans and fair wages they love it even more. We received this product as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and we couldn’t be more excited. We plan to purchase more Kazi products for our home.”