Maty’s Healthy Products

For Maty’s Healthy Products launch of a new children’s cough and cold syrup, they sought Stellar’s help to affirm that the pickiest consumers of all – toddlers and young children – were enthusiastic about their products. 

About Maty’s Healthy Products

  • Founded in 2008
  • Created by a mother looking to provide natural, safe, and effective alternative remedies to modern medicine.
    Maty’s suite of products for babies, children, and adults are all created using 100% whole-food ingredients.


The Goals

  • Maty’s sought to balance two competing priorities: ensuring a quick turnaround on feedback and reviews in time for their imminent product launch, and the need to time product usage with the unpredictability of kids’ coughs and colds.


The Approach

  • To find the ideal target for this natural product with a very specific use case (coughs and colds), Stellar identified families whose children had frequent exposure to coughs and colds, had no dietary restrictions, and were label-readers who preferred products free from dyes and artificial flavors.
  • Stellar also crafted a custom extended timeline in order to account for the unpredictability of addressing cough and cold symptoms.
  • Stellar synthesized the data into an actionable risk matrix to provide Maty’s with a clear picture of feedback before any consumers posted an online review.


The Results

  • The timely, detailed feedback on their new product line allowed Maty’s to consider long-term changes in order to help reduce costs and improve consumer happiness.
  • The custom timeline enabled consumers to speak to the efficacy of the product and how it addressed their child’s symptoms – instead of only being able to report on the packaging and/or taste.
  • Low- and high-risk concerns surfaced in the forecast report directed Maty’s to make near-term changes, including how bottles were packaged and sealed as well as consider future improvements, like including a dosing syringe and/or syringe adapter for easier administration of the cough syrup.

“The Stellar team was great to work with, they made the process seamless and made sure that our custom campaign was executed smoothly and in a timely matter. Coming out of the campaign, we garnered 100+ reviews for our new product launches and gained insights to bring back to our Innovation team so we could make well-informed changes to existing products based on productive feedback from the panelists.”

– Chanelle Surphlis, Marketing at Maty’s

Program Highlights

Sweet Relief
“My two children recently caught a respiratory virus and this cough syrup duo really came in clutch! I would definitely buy these cough syrups to help relieve my kids’ next cold or virus symptoms.”

Clean label, reliable product
“This worked just as good as any other over the counter cough medicine for their dry coughs. For more wet/sinus drainage coughs it’s not as effective, hence 4 stars.”

Solid choice
“It’s difficult to find products for children and coughs in recent years, so I’m relieved to know there is something out there to relieve their coughs for a time that isn’t a fight to take. It truly did work too, which is very helpful when you know what they need most is rest and respite from constant coughs.”